Having a new boiler installed by a registered Gas Engineer may not be as expensive as you think. You also have monthly savings on you gas bill because modern boilers are over 90% efficient compared to older boilers that can be as low as 60% efficient. In addition, you have a minimum two year warranty on the new boiler depending on the brand and model.

Boiler installations can vary greatly between boiler types and the specific requirements at each site. For a straightforward replacement of a typical boiler, we have drawn up this example check list for a combi boiler supply and installation:

  • Drain and remove old Boiler and flue
  • Supply and fit new combi boiler and flue
  • Alter the existing pipework to the boiler as required
  • Install new condense pipe
  • Upgrade or install new gas pipe as appropriate
  • Install new controls / trv's as required
  • Flush the system and introduce inhibitor
  • Connect wiring to the boiler
  • Commission boiler
  • Fill out benchmark and notify Gas Safe Register as per regulations
  • Dispose of the old boiler and other rubbish leaving area clean

All new boilers are now required by Building Regulations to be High Efficiency 'Condensing Boilers', which means that they use latent heat previously lost through the flue to help heat the water thus maximising its efficiency.